Home Show

2012-01-24 |


don't forget the CHILLIWACK HOME, LEISURE & OUTDOOR LIVING SHOW, this friday, saturday and sunday (Jan. 27, 28 & 29th), at Chilliwack's Heritage Park.


PlanTech will be there, so Replica Watches For Sale come and say Hello at our booth.  We would be more than pleased to show you some of our past and present projects, and discuss any of your future renovation, addition, or new home planning needs.  


Now is a great time to get your planning started and have your dream project all ready to start in the spring.


Interesting article to share with you:

I took one of my personal development courses just the other day, and found out one very interesting bit of information on GREEN ROOF'S.  I always thought (and I believe most building owners think the same) that to incorporate a Green Roof into a new building is very Cheap Replica Watches costly, so how am I going to convince a developer to incorporate a Green Roof.  Well, I found out that the cost does not have to be excessive.  A green roof can actually be a very good cost saving component of your new building.  It can save you on your air conditioning and heating costs by adding an additional insulatiive value to the roof , and can also save installing a huge water retention system (this is mainly for multi-family, commercial or industrial projects).  How??  As the Green Roof can retain a large amount of water, which it also uses to irrigate the vegetation, this rain water, that would typically go into your Municipal Storm Drain system, is now retained in the growing medium, or used Swiss Replica Omega Watches For Sale up by the vegetation, thus eliminating the requirement for a large water retention system (which can be a very cumbersome and expensive portion of a new development).  A Green Roof is also very good for the environment, very IWC Replica Watches aesthetically pleasing, and can be a great amenity space for the building user.  


Hope to see you at the Home Show.